Event Management

Purn Foundation is Delhi based Event Management Company. We have an experience of over 10 years in the field. At Purn Events we offer a wide range of entertainment related services to make your event successful. We are having a team of well experienced staff. We can give you end to end solutions for any occasion. Our services are Event Management, Theme Parties, Birthday Parties, Fashion Shows, Stage Shows, Corporate Events, Wedding Planning, Etc.

We are one of the top event management companies in Delhi/NCR. Our team of dedicated employees is always there to help make your events perfect and memorable. We also take care of pre-event and post-event activities like setup, rehearsal, tear-down and move out expenses. Our team is flexible, spontaneous and always full of life, even at the time of crisis. Be it a classic, traditional or a modern-day setting, our team is there with their upbeat ideas turning an ordinary event into an extraordinary one. So call us or drop us a line to experience the magic of a masterpiece creation!

Our Best Services

Wedding Planners in Delhi

Wedding is the most important day and a cherishing moment of life. It is described as the ceremony of lifetime, that provides the podium for people, communities and religions to unite, celebrate and bless the two individual (Bride and the Groom) to tie the nuptial pads and commit themselves to eternal bonding. Wedding traditions and customs show great variation between the ethnic groups, cultures, religions, rituals, countries, as well as the social classes involved. Seeing the global perspective of wedding ceremony, it primary involves a mutual exchange of wedding swears by the Bride and the Groom, presentation of gift, a symbolic item like ring(s), flowers, objects of utility, money etc.)

While “Wedding” is a ceremony, “Marriage” is the term accorded to open proclamation that attests the physical as well as eternal union of two soul mates who have pledged to live long and together. The pledge is avowed by senior members of bride and groom families, besides the invited guests. If you are planning to get married in Delhi, then We will be the guide offering information on various planning strategies, and the process of preparation involved in the marriage ceremony.

Wedding planners in Delhi “Purn Event Mangers” provide an insight into the strategic wedding planning, the tools required to plan and execute a successful wedding, besides deliberately taking into focus wider role of event planner. Wedding is not a state event, and it is not celebration, but a terrific moment, where two souls tie the nuptial pads and become one for all times. It is the time to turn your courtship period into full bloom relationship, where you live as gentle couple, engage as friends, and live a cozier relationship all through your life. Purn will help you to live up to your dreams by getting married in flamboyance and enjoy rest of your life.

Birthday Parties

A Birthday is a special occasion for everyone. Young or old – birthday is ought to be celebrated with your loved ones. However, if you want to celebrate it with perfection and in a grand manner, a professional team must be hired. Purn Event Managers is one such company that can organize your dream birthday party. We have years of experience in organizing and managing birthday celebrations and have organized number of parties flawlessly. From invitations to catering and guest management, we do it all!

Wondering why to hire us? Here are some points that will help you trust us:

We organize theme based parties according to the age group. We manage artists, entertainment and everything. You can enjoy your party and attend your guests without worrying. We have a wide intricate network and can arrange things in a minute. Our team is expert in event management and can act brilliantly!

Conferences & Seminars

Purn is known for the well sorted measures which it encompasses so as to help efficiently the organization to carry forward the propaganda of the conference or seminar, whether it is to make a brand visible to the target customer or launch of a new brand, our experienced event managers handles such events efficiently.